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About Anima International

Inspired by the animal rights movement in western Europe, particularly organisations such as Anima in Denmark and Norway, a group of friends came together in Poland to create the Open Cages group in 2012. 

While Anima had been pushing the movement forward in Scandinavia since the year 2000, this new wave in central Europe allowed Open Cages to learn from their more experienced colleagues in the north to push
animal rights further in countries like Lithuania, Estonia, the UK, Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. It soon became clear that both Anima and Open Cages shared several key strategies, values and the aim of creating efficient,
innovative change for animals. 

After a few years of working together as supportive partners Anima and Open Cages decided to go all in and
vote for a merger, creating the new Anima International, spanning nine countries across the continent.

our advantages

Movement Building

We believe that sharing our knowledge and resources creates a stronger movement to fight animal suffering.


Founded by two of the most effective animal organisations in Europe. We received funds from ACE and OPP to continue changing life for animals.


We know you care and this is why we focus on reducing animal suffering in the most effective way possible.


Anima International is made up of nine different organisations focusing on Scandinavia and Eastern Europe.

Our Reach

Media Reach
Policy Commitments


This organisation understands the value of using evidence to maximise the impact of their work. They measure the outcomes they achieve and actively look for ways to improve their materials and strategy. They have demonstrated a willingness and ability to improve, sometimes discarding ineffective programs to make room for more effective ones.
Animal Charity Evaluators
Stand Out Charity
Our Program Officer for Farm Animal Welfare, is excited to support the organisation due to its track record of building a strong grassroots movement and securing cage-free successes in a challenging political environment; his impression of its leadership team; and the organisation’s strategic alignment with our goal to build a stronger farm animal welfare movement in Europe.
Open Philanthropy Project
Grant Support
The OWA awarded a grant to Anima to support institutional corporate campaigns to improve farm animal welfare. They have successfully secured corporate commitments to reduce the suffering of layer hens from every supermarket and several major manufacturers in Denmark. The timelines for the commitments are among the most competitive we have ever seen, the longest being 2020.
Open Wing Alliance
Grant Support