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Anima was founded in 2000 in Copenhagen and has grown to be one of Denmark's leading animal advocacy organizations. Through investigations, corporate campaigns and lobbying Anima has achieved many victories including hundreds of corporate commitments across many sectors such as caged eggs, fur, foie gras and broilers and bans on fox and raccoon dog factory farms. A global outlook has always been part of Anima's DNA. By providing funding, training and resources for campaigners throughout the world Anima seeks to build a truly global movement for animals. This can be seen in Anima's involvement in coalitions such as the Open Wing Alliance, where it works internationally on campaigns to end caged eggs and improve the conditions of farmed animals, and the Fur Free Alliance, which Anima chairs.


  • 10 investigations

  • 25 fur-free commitments

  • 150 foie-gras commitments

  • 75 cage-free policies signed

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