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Nähtamatud Loomad was founded in 2017 in Tallinn. It focuses on corporate outreach, political lobby work and consumer awareness to help farmed animals. It's biggest campaign is the plant-based campaign Taimne Teisipäev, which does restaurant outreach, works to have one plant-based day a week in schools and in the military, runs a popular plant-based challenge called 22/66 and works with food sector companies to increase plant-based foods on the market. Nähtamatud Loomad also does corporate outreach to get hens out of cages in the egg industry. It also campaigns for a ban on fur farming and for the end of live export of farmed animals. The organization hires 8 people and has around 80 volunteers all over the country. The president of Nähtamatud Loomad was awarded the best volunteer coordinator of the year in 2018 by the president of Estonia.


  • 73 restaurants joined plant-based campaign

  • 60 cage-free policies signed

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