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Tušti Narvai (Open Cages Lithuania) was founded in Vilnius in 2014 and joined Open Cages in 2016. It currently focuses on banning fur farming and getting corporate commitments for egg laying hen welfare. Tušti Narvai also works on plant-based campaigns, cooperating and working closely with major online news outlets which publish their recipes and articles every week. Tušti Narvai has achieved over 40 fur-free commitments as well as published several investigations into the fur industry, all whilst lobbying hard to submit a bill to ban fur farming in the parliament. They also secured over 40 policies for egg laying hens from the biggest retailers, restaurant chains, hotels and food producers in Lithuania.


  • 40 cage-free policies signed

  • 40 fur-free commitments

  • 99 retailers to include more plant-based alternatives

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