Why are we asking Tesco to change their policies?

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Why are we asking Tesco to change their policies?

Tesco supports monstrous cruelty – growing chickens so big some can’t stand.

The truth may surprise you. All pictures and footage on this site are representative of the conditions on typical Tesco farms.

Broiler breeds used in today’s conventional farms are selected artificially, so broilers would grow unnaturally fast. As a result, their premature bodies cannot handle the weight, which usually leads to broken legs, other health disorders and even death.

If people grew this fast, a 5 year old child would weigh 150 kilograms.

Broilers are packed often up to 19 chickens in a square metre. This is a little less than an A4 page for one bird.

Skin diseases and burns are typically caused by ammonia fumes as chickens are living in their own filth.

Bodies of dead animals often lie in farms for hours.

Help us end this suffering and support the Stand With Chickens campaign. Only with your help can we make Tesco commit to higher welfare standards for chickens.

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