For a future free from animal suffering

We envision a world where animals

are not treated as products

Who We Are

Anima International is made up of nine animal protection organisations across Europe. Founded in 2018 by leaders from Poland and Denmark, the group brings together animal advocates from these countries as well as Lithuania, Norway, Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Belarus and the UK. 

Our intention is to make change happen for animals as quickly and effectively as possible. Including countries such as Ukraine and Russia where the animal protection movement is neglected.


Anima International is made up of nine different organisations focusing on Scandinavia and Eastern Europe.


We know you care and this is why we focus on reducing animal suffering in the most effective ways possible.

Building the Movement

We believe that sharing our knowledge and resources creates a stronger movement to fight animal suffering.

OUR Programs

Strengthening our movement by improving and increasing the skills and expertise of individuals.

Joining forces with and supporting partner organisations.

Working to develop and implement new policies by lobbying and ensuring legal enforcement.

Strategic grassroots and online outreach in combination with releasing investigations and documentaries.

Supporting plant-based innovation and building strategic partnerships with the food industry.

Influencing decisions makers in the government for better animal regulations.

Eastern European Projects

With animal rights being highly neglected in countries such as Russia & Ukraine,

we have decided to focus our work and campaigns in these areas.

Our Supporters

This organisation understands the value of using evidence to maximize the impact of their work. They measure the outcomes they achieve and actively look for ways to improve their materials and strategy. They have demonstrated a willingness and…

Animal Charity Evaluators, Standout Charity

Our Program Officer for Farm Animal Welfare, is excited to support the organisation due to its track record of building a strong grassroots movement and securing cage-free successes in a challenging political environment; his impression of its leadership…

Open Philanthropy Project​, Grant Support

The Open Wing Alliance awarded a grant to Anima in Norway to support institutional corporate campaigns to improve farm animal welfare. After completing extensive research, engaging in dialogue with Danish companies, and launching hard-hitting corporate campaigns, Anima has…

Open Wing Alliance, Grant Support