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We help animals, particularly farmed animals, as effectively as possible, by using our decades of experience and the available evidence to increase the impact of our work. We specialise in conducting investigations and corporate campaigns as well as securing legal milestones for animals. Additionally, we focus on sharing our knowledge and skills to build a stronger movement.

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Bringing animal advocates together

Founded in 2018 by leaders from Poland and Denmark, Anima International connects animal advocates from these countries as well as Norway, Ukraine, the United Kingdom and France. Our intention is to make change happen for animals as quickly and effectively as possible and accelerate the progress in countries where animal protection is neglected, such as Ukraine.

Are we working on the right problem?

Factory farming is an incredibly neglected cause area and leads to extreme suffering. We aim to reduce animal suffering by focusing on where we can have the most impact.

Are we working on the right problem?

Are we making an impact?

We believe that sharing our knowledge and resources creates a stronger and more effective movement, allowing us to reduce animal suffering quicker.

Are we making an impact?

Are we choosing the right tools?

As a growing organisation we focus our efforts on promising solutions and base our work on empirical data.

Are we choosing the right tools?

We envision a world where animals are not treated as products. Where instead of asking how we can use them for the most profit, we ask: how can we live together?

What we have achieved


Investigations and media campaigns

We expose the cruelty behind farming practices

We have released over 50 investigations in more than 10 countriesAll footage and materials have been used by many organizations around the world


We have released 5 undercover investigations on broiler farmswhich has allowed us to highlight the suffering of chickens raised for meat


15 UK restaurants withdrew foie gras from their menuafter the publication of an investigation carried out on a Ukrainian foie gras farm


We placed almost 80 billboards, illuminated ads and other ads about broiler farming practicesto amplify the effects of our investigative work


We published 6 investigations documenting the treatment of animals in the fur and fishing industries in Lithuania


Capacity building

We invest in international cooperation and knowledge sharing

We organized 3 international animal rights conferencescalled the Conference on Animal Rights in Europe (CARE)

We are active
in 53 coalitions


Open Cages Ukraine organised the first Ukrainian animal rights conferencein 2018

We produced and shared resources and materials with more than 50 organisations

We have delivered over 50 training eventson a national and international level


Welfare improvements

We pressure the industry to withdraw cruel practices in order to reduce animal suffering

Over 300 companies, retailers and restaurants have committed to cage-free policies

15 commitments signed by companies agreeing to higher welfare standards for chickensunder the European Chicken Commitment (ECC)

380 companies have become fur free


The biggest Polish online supermarket Frisco intro-duced the first ECC policyfor broiler chickens before 2026

The first cage-free awareness campaign was launched in Belarus


Policy change

We work with legislators to secure legal milestones to protect animals

7 bills proposed in government


Our UK team helped achieve 100k signatures supporting a ban on the importation of furtriggering a debate in the House of Commons


In 2019, Ukraine held its very first Animal Law conference


Fur farming is banned in Estonia in 2021following the work of several national groups


Lithuanian parliament passed the first reading of the bill to ban fur farming in the country78 politicians voted for, 9 against, 28 abstained


The campaign to establish the office of the Animal Rights Ombudsman was launched in Poland


Plant-based revolution

We invest in plant-based technology and innovation

700+ companies and restaurants now include more plant-based options thanks to our campaigns

4 Food Innovation Summits have been heldengaging over 500+ companies and 1000 attendees

The Chefs For Change project has engaged 15 internationally celebrated chefsand had a total of 500+ participants


The plant-based campaign ”RoślinnieJemy” has cooperated with 100+ restaurants in Poland


The plant-based campaign ”Zdorovojimo” has so far reached 20 restaurants in Ukraine


One of our biggest Veganmania’s organised till date in Polandpartners with 100+ vendors and gathers 4000+ attendees


France launches its first ever 'Assiettes vertes' (Green Plates) label.

Our reach

  • 1.5 million

    Social media followers

  • 1.5 billion

    Traditional media reach

BBCThe TimesDaily Main OnlineBBC UkraineDelfiPostimeesTV 2PolitikenDRTVNTelewizja PolskaPolsatTV3Znaj.uaFEMWoman MagazineLRT
BBCThe TimesDaily Main OnlineBBC UkraineDelfiPostimeesTV 2PolitikenDRTVNTelewizja PolskaPolsatTV3Znaj.uaFEMWoman MagazineLRT
BBCThe TimesDaily Main OnlineBBC UkraineDelfiPostimeesTV 2PolitikenDRTVNTelewizja PolskaPolsatTV3Znaj.uaFEMWoman MagazineLRT

Room for more funding

With more funding we aim to:


Resource library

Anima International was designed as a hub of knowledge and catalyst for change. We aim to empower people around the world who want to help animals by providing them with the information, resources, advice and inspiration they need to change the world for the better.

Learn how to start an organisation or a specific campaign and download needed materials for free.





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Our major supporters

Our Program Officer for Farm Animal Welfare, is excited to support the organisation due to its track record of building a strong grassroots movement and securing cage-free successes in a challenging political environment; his impression of its leadership team; and the organisation’s strategic alignment with our goal to build a stronger farm animal welfare movement in Europe.
The OWA awarded a grant to Anima to support institutional corporate campaigns to improve farm animal welfare. They have successfully secured corporate commitments to reduce the suffering of layer hens from every supermarket and several major manufacturers in Denmark. The timelines for the commitments are among the most competitive we have ever seen, the longest being 2020.

Open Philanthropy Project

Grant Support

Open Wing Alliance

Grant Support