We help animals, particularly farmed animals, as effectively as possible, by using our decades of experience and the available evidence to increase the impact of our work.

Sharing and working together

Spanning 6 countries and decades of work, our team members have experienced success, change and failure.

Sharing and working together

Standing together against the same issues

We envision a world where animals are not treated as products. Where instead of asking how we can use them for the most profit, we ask: how can we live together?

Standing together against the same issues

Our values

We focus on what matters most

In terms of suffering in the most numbers, this means we focus our work on farmed animals. Whether the animals are farmed for their flesh, eggs, milk or fur, everything we do focuses on reducing their suffering the quickest way and to the greatest extent possible.

We promote progress, not just veganism

Any steps that people take to reduce their consumption of animal products is progress which should be celebrated. We don’t shame people and we don’t present veganism as the only way we can achieve great results. We are pragmatic and understand that we need many allies — vegan, vegetarian and omnivore — if we are to stand any chance of creating the kinder world we want.

We accelerate competitive market solutions

Food scientists are now creating healthier and more sustainable products than ever. These better alternatives will inevitably replace conventional animal agriculture. We make it easier for new companies to offer more plant-based options by linking them to interested audiences. We create opportunities for business cooperation and innovation, with the aim of developing the market.

We learn, adapt and do better

Taking risks, trying new things, failing and then doing better next time is a path we follow every day. In order to be as effective as we can at all times, we are constantly evaluating our work and aren't afraid of questioning if our goals and how we are achieving them are the best we can do.

We believe in effective altruism

We owe it to the animals exploited by industries around the world to be constantly learning and striving to be better. For this reason we are big supporters of effective altruism - the aim of using evidence and reasoning to choose the best ways to help others. We read and study a lot. We are open to constructive criticism and admitting we made mistakes. We will change our approach if we think there is a better way. “But we have always done it this way” is a phrase that doesn’t exist in Anima International.

We are you

Everything we do, we do on behalf of you and the animals. Without the help of our members and supporters we wouldn’t be able to make so much amazing progress. If you agree with what we do, join us.