How to help animals in Ukraine? List of organisations to support

As we all know, the Russian invasion of Ukraine began on 24 February this year. The war is causing immense suffering, not only for people but also for animals, both our domestic companions, farm animals and those left behind in zoos. We have compiled a list of the most important organisations and collections that are currently helping the animals of Ukraine.

Poland, Latvia, Hungary, Romania, Czechia and Slovakia temporarily lifted the requirements for transporting pets to these countries - animals can be brought into these countries without a set of veterinary documents (such as a vaccination certificate or passport). Several groups and initiatives have been set up on Facebook to make it easier to find homes for companion animals - the desire to temporarily take in an animal can be expressed in the following forms (coordinated by Zwierzęca Polana foundation):

Polish organisations which are involved in helping animals and which you can support financially or by participating in donating food, transporters, etc., are:

  • Viva! Interwencje – information about fundraising and food donations on their website: link
  • Fundacja Ostoja Cztery Łapy – bank account: 07 1160 2202 0000 0003 4647 4396

You can also help by sharing graphics about the possibility of bringing companion animals from Ukraine to Poland. 

In addition to organisations operating in Poland, it is also worth supporting those operating in Ukraine. We are uploading a list of shelters, sanctuaries and social organisations that are currently in need:

Shelter Friend 

Shelter for homeless animals in Dnepr City.

Maryna Bolokhovets, Getin Bank 65 1560 1081 2016 6300 6000 0001 (for donations in PLN)

Maryna Bolokhovets, Getin Bank 81 1560 1081 2016 6300 6000 0004 (for donations in Euro)

Shelter Ugolyok: Animal Rescue and Farm Sanctuary 

Sanctuary for pets and farm animals.


Kyiv Animal Rescue 

A rescue team that cares for animals in need.



A pro-animal organisation dedicated to the protection of wild, farmed and domestic animals.


Vet Crew 

veterinarians treating wild animals in Odessa.


Shelter Sirius 

the largest shelter for homeless animals in Ukraine located in the Kyiv region.

Save a Fox

foxes saved from fur farms and other wild animals sanctuary, 

Gostomel Shelter

shelter for homeless animals, 

Happy Paw

an organisation taking care of dogs and cats, 

Bear sanctuary

Foreign organisations that assist in the exporting and adoption of animals from Ukraine:



Casa lui Patrocle - Animal Rescue

International Facebook groups:

Ukrainian Rescue Appeal

Ukraine Animal Rescue

Help Ukrainian Horses



We will be updating the list on a regular basis.

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