Announcing the new Animal Advocacy Training Center

We are happy to announce the launch of our new educational platform: the Animal Advocacy Training Center. This online portal is designed for activists seeking to expand their expertise in their respective fields.

About the platform

The newly-launched Animal Advocacy Training Center is Anima International’s educational platform where we will publish high-quality resources for free for all activists worldwide. Here, we hope to make expert knowledge and materials easily accessible in the movement. The first course, Introduction to Plant-Based Campaigns is already live and more courses (about public speaking and fundraising, to name just a few) are on the way and will soon be available.

About movement building work

The platform we have developed is the result of our movement building work. Our aim in this area is to strengthen the international animal advocacy movement by facilitating the exchange of expertise and resources. 

We firmly believe that by fostering collaboration among individuals and organizations from all around the globe, we can fuel innovation within the movement and bring fresh perspectives and ideas to the forefront. At the same time, as organizations grow, there is a responsibility to support and empower local grassroots activists and smaller organizations in neglected regions, so they can develop their own strategies and resources. 

To achieve this, we employ various approaches in our movement building work. These include providing a shared workspace called Food Fight for plant-based advocates worldwide, attending and supporting events, organizing conferences such as our annual  CARE conference, which is an international hub for activists that allows them to build up their network and get insights to invaluable expertise. We also reach out to and maintain contact with organizations and advocates from various neglected regions, and we continue to develop our unique Resource Library

Now, with the Animal Advocacy Training Center, we have added yet another valuable tool to our ever-growing arsenal.

About the plant-based course

Introduction to Plant-Based Campaigns is designed for anyone who is starting, has recently started, or is planning to start a plant-based campaign. In this comprehensive free online course, you will gain invaluable knowledge and skills to run successful plant-based campaigns. From understanding the role of the theory of change, through the power of storytelling, to utilizing social media strategies – this course covers it all.

We have assembled a team of 12 experts who will serve as your guides, providing valuable insights into the intricacies of plant-based campaigning. To enrich the learning experience and ensure practical applicability to your unique goals, we have included supplementary materials and worksheets. Following the advice from the videos, completing the exercises, and using the add-ons, you will be prepared for starting or developing your own campaign. Units are concise, built in a way that is easy to follow, whether you choose to complete the entire course, or focus on specific topics that pique your interest. Our experts give practical tips for engaging and mobilizing your audience, as well as step-by-step campaign planning guidance. You will also be able to analyze case studies and see how the knowledge has been put into practice.

By joining this course, you’ll not only deepen your understanding of plant-based advocacy, but also join a network of passionate individuals dedicated to making a difference. Thus, if you have any questions or doubts, you can discuss them with the community. We are looking forward to greeting new participants to our platform!

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