Learn more below and consider applying.

Global Campaign Manager

Learn more below and consider applying.

About Anima International

We are an international organization which helps animals, particularly farmed animals, as effectively as possible. To help us achieve our goal we use scientific evidence, careful reasoning and decades of experience.

We are impact-oriented and use a wide array of tools to make the world a better place. Our current toolkit includes:

  • groundbreaking global investigations which expose animal suffering hidden behind the walls of factory farms,
  • negotiations with companies to make them ban the most cruel practices,
  • advocacy to secure legal milestones for animals,
  • influencing markets to introduce animal-friendly approaches,
  • in addition to this, we work to strengthen the capacity of the animal advocacy movement.

In Anima International, we won’t stop until we end animal suffering and we would like to invite you to join us and help us achieve this goal.

What do you gain by working in Anima International?

  • Meaningful work – you will help build a world free from animal suffering.
  • Time – you will be able to focus full-time on helping animals.
  • High degree of flexibility – the work is almost totally remote and you will organize your working hours and workflow yourself.
  • Trust – we will trust you to make mistakes as a given and learn from them.
  • Autonomy – you will experience freedom and independence in your decision-making.
  • Transparency – you will have access to the work and decisions of others.
  • Honest work culture – you will know what your colleagues are doing and what they really think.
  • Knowledge – you will learn and receive support from people who have been fighting for animals for many years.
  • Opportunity to grow – you will learn every day and be encouraged to experiment beyond your skill set.
  • Ability to influence the organization we encourage our people to openly speak their mind and thus you will be able to impact what kind of organization we are.
  • A laugh – activism can be dark at times, we think that having a fun atmosphere is key to balancing this.
  • Transparently set compensation – you will receive compensation for your activism on the basis of an employment contract. Our salaries are not negotiable and our salary model is based on a transparent algorithm according to the following principles:

The minimum salary (the salary base) varies depending on your place of residence. We aim for the salary base to be around the median of salaries in the country. For example, in the UK the base salary is GBP 36,954.48 gross/year and in Poland, it’s PLN 6385,24 gross/month. Your salary may change due to your previous experience related to the position and activism (+3% for each year). In addition, the salary increases with your seniority in Anima International according to the following model:

+ 7% – for every year worked at Anima International during the first 5 years of work

+ 5% – for every year worked at Anima International during the next 5 years of work

+ 3% – for every year worked at Anima International during the next 5 years of work

+ 2% – for every year worked at Anima International during the next years of work

We calculate base salary for the new location once we hire someone there, hence we do not have examples for many countries yet. However, we have prepared some exemplary calculations for the US as we expect salaries to vary based on the state or a city. The base salary in Los Angeles would be ~74,400 USD gross/year, in New York ~75,800 USD gross/year and in Washington DC ~78,600 USD gross/year. Please remember this is further modified by your experience. For example, 10 years of experience would increase this base by 30%.  

Please note that those are only initial, exemplary calculations - the base for those locations would be verified and consulted with relevant parties if we hire a person who lives there. If you will be in an advanced stage of the process, we can calculate the salary for you before the recruitment is finished, so you don’t need to commit to the role without the perfect knowledge of your compensation. We also offer benefits like a health care plan, paid vacation days and sick leave, 16 weeks of parental leave - we can also discuss details with you before the recruitment is finished. 

What does Anima International gain from your work?

We are looking to hire a Global Campaign Manager to join our Global Impact team, whose goal is to create campaigns that will bring us closer to a future free from animal suffering. To rectify one of the greatest injustices in human history, you will help us expand the moral circle to animals to drastically reduce their suffering all over the world

You will help us figure out the most effective campaign strategies to mobilize and lead activists across the globe to create this change for animals. You will work on prioritized projects such as global cage-free and broiler chicken campaigns, as well as evaluate our impact and research, and develop new interventions. While our current campaigning focus is on hens and broiler chickens, you have to be versatile and open to other types of campaigning, such as food system transformation. This is not only a campaigning role: you will help us create and maintain a strong organizational culture based on effectiveness, autonomy, and critical thinking. This means that a major portion of your work will require spending time with and listening to people. 

No campaigning or leadership experience is required for this role. We are mostly interested in finding hardworking people with values aligned with ours. Experience can be gained and knowledge can be learned.

What do we require from you?

  • Strong belief in the mission of our organization.
  • High time flexibility. Just like we offer a high degree of flexibility in terms of working hours, we need you to be flexible as well. You have to be ready to work standard hours (40 hours a week) and be available for time zone differences, non-employed activists, and unexpected events.
  • Not being an asshole. We expect you to treat others with respect, decency, and compassion – even the occasional adversaries.
  • High activism work ethic. We are doers – activism is our passion and one of the main motivations in life. To fit our culture, you have to be a person who is proactive and enjoys work.
  • Growth mindset. Nobody knows how to fix the world, so we need you to keep learning. We constantly strive to be better at our activism, but also as people.
  • A fit for a high-feedback culture. You have to be able to thrive in a culture focused on psychological safety by constantly giving and receiving honest and direct feedback, as well as speaking up when something isn’t right.
  • Consequentialism. You have to care about the results of our work, but from a long-term perspective. While we are impact-oriented, we avoid breaking our principles, and we think about second- and third-order effects of our actions.
  • Ability to reason and communicate your thinking. Using an evidence-based approach, intellectual humility and the ability to share your mind with others are necessary qualities in our organization.
  • Fluency in English. Reading and writing.
  • Readiness to travel. Willingness and ability to travel on average 6–8 times a year.

What will you do?

  • Increase the cost-effectiveness of our work for animals – you will help Anima International by training campaigners and spreading knowledge about effective campaigning. You will travel to various countries to understand local problems.
  • Coordinate on a global level – you will ensure that campaigning strategy is aligned in geographic areas where Anima International has influence. You will make sure that we are fulfilling our strategic goals and help solve potential roadblocks. You will represent Anima International in global campaigning coalitions – like the Open Wing Alliance.
  • Facilitate global campaigns – you will coordinate actions in a multinational environment to secure crucial victories for animals on a global scale.
  • Conduct research – you will research potential opportunities in campaigning and neglected interventions, for example, by understanding opportunities for interventions for aquatic animals.
  • Relentlessly evaluate our work – you will evaluate and monitor Anima International campaigns’ cost-effectiveness in order to prioritize resources between or kill campaigns.
  • Build knowledge – you will ensure that internal data about farming, animal welfare and species information are centrally available to our member groups, share knowledge with external parties and produce content about our work for example on our blog.
  • Build culture you will help build and reinforce our culture, so we never lose this central pillar of Anima International’s strength.
  • Embrace reality you will make it your mission to understand the world as it is, rather than as you would like it to be.
  • Manage activists you will manage and work with teams of both employed and voluntary activists.
  • Experience irritation you will worry that we are not doing the best we can and use this frustration to improve our organization.
  • Question ideas you will question common knowledge, especially your own ideas, so that our results are always as good as they can be.
  • Optimize your performance you will continuously deepen your knowledge – both about particular areas of animal advocacy and about how the world works – and enjoy this process.
  • Prioritize action you will act even when there is no sufficient data.
  • Abandon projects you will change your objectives when it makes sense, no matter the time already invested.
  • Respect and trust others you will be there for others and trust their intentions, no matter the differences, you will support them when they succeed and when they fail.
  • Seek information independently you will be responsible for acting very independently, which will require you to obtain and verify data.
  • Make mistakes – you will embrace your mistakes without being ashamed, with the desire to learn from them.

Do you think you are not fit for this role and it’s too challenging?

You may be thinking that this role would be interesting for you, but you won’t make the cut. 

We encourage you not to worry and fill out the application nonetheless, especially if you meet our requirements (even on a basic level) and you think this position could bring you a lot of joy. Leave the judgment about your competence to us. You may even learn something useful along the way. 🙂

Remember to sign up and attend our webinars regarding this recruitment process to see whether maybe you should give it a try.

What will help you go through the recruitment process successfully?

  • Familiarity with Effective Altruism principles.
  • Familiarity with animal advocacy campaigns.
  • Studying our recommended materials list (see below).
  • Attending the webinar about recruitment that we are hosting (see below).

List of materials that will help you get this job

PLEASE NOTE! To help you progress through the stages in our recruitment process, we have prepared a list of materials. They will be especially useful for those who do not meet our requirements or lack either experience in activism or role-specific expertise, but we encourage all candidates to read them. In the list, you can also find webinars recorded by our staff so you can learn more about our organization and recruitment process.

Live Q&A

To answer the questions you might have had about Anima International, work with us, the position, and the recruitment process, on 1 March we hosted a webinar (live Q&A session). The recording of the webinar is available under this link.

Important information about our recruitment process

Overview of the process

We are not interested in participants’ cover letters and CVs

The aim of the process is to get to know you. We find cover letters and CVs not useful for this purpose.

We don’t conduct recruitment interviews until near the end of the process

People who make a good impression during interviews are not always the best fit for the organization – and vice versa. We prefer to talk to you after we’ve had the chance to get to know you.

We aim to be fair and minimize bias

To avoid bias, our recruitment process in most of the stages is blind, anonymized and pseudonymized by someone not participating in the candidates’ evaluations. We put substantial effort into making sure we rate all applicants objectively.

We hope to reduce application obstacles and make the recruitment process dignifying

We will be hosting webinars for those interested to give a glimpse into what the role is about and how we work, and help combat performance anxiety. We also provide a list of materials for people who lack the necessary experience or expertise for the role.

Ideally, after the recruitment, we will try to provide feedback on our rationale and comment on stronger and weaker aspects of a candidate if rejected. Please note that the feedback feature may be limited by the number of participants due to limits in our resources. Most likely, we will only be able to provide feedback to candidates who reach later stages of the recruitment process.

Participants will be compensated for the work trial.

Unfortunately, due to the structure of our recruitment process, it may be time-consuming and demanding.


  • 15.02.2024–17.03.2024 – Apply – this is the time for you to apply (just fill out the questionnaire here).
  • 25.03–31.03.2024 – Answer questions – we will contact you to tell you if you were accepted for the next stage. If so, we will send you a form with questions to answer.
  • 08.04–14.04.2024 – Do role-specific tasks – we will contact you to tell you if you were accepted for the next stage. If so, we will send you some tasks to complete.
  • 24–30.04 – Attend an interview – if you successfully pass the previous stage, we will invite you for an interview.
  • 6.05–20.05 – Do a short work trial with us – if you successfully pass the previous stage, we will invite you to join us for a two-day work trial. You will be compensated for this. This stage is optional based on how many people will be in the recruitment process.
  • 23.05 – Learn whether you are accepted – we will contact you to let you know about the final decision regarding your application.
  • 9.06 – Get feedback from us – if you are interested, we will do our best to provide feedback to help you understand what we rated positively in your application and what we didn’t. We hope this will help you in getting another impactful position. This stage is heavily dependent on the number of participants due to constraints in our capacity.

Please note: the timeline may slightly change due to unforeseen circumstances. We will do our best to make sure it doesn’t.


We accept applications until 17.03.2024 11:59 PM CET.

Technical aspects

  1. A Google Gmail account will be required for the recruitment process. If you do not have a Gmail account, you will be required to create one. It can be deleted afterward. If you have any problems, please contact us at [email protected].
  2. You will be required to use the Zoom application to participate in the webinars and in the interview stage of the recruitment.